Tom Gabrielse: Founder, Director, 46-Year Ski Pro and Athlete

tomSince 1969 Mountain Performance Group founder Tom Gabrielse has focused on developing methods for efficient teaching of skiing and snowboarding and holds Level III certification with Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA).  Tom remains current with the latest teaching techniques, including attending the PSIA National Academy every spring and he holds the distinction of having participated in more Academies than any other member of PSIA. 

tom powderGabrielse also credits his teaching success to his background of competing in and teaching ballet skiing.  Moves associated with ballet skiing help skiers remain centered and in balance.  Ballet trained skiers experience enhanced edging capabilities allowing quicker releases into the next turn.  In addition, they are able to handle more terrain challenges, including moguls and powder.  According to Gabrielse, snowsports are just “Dancing with gravity!”

Tom also draws on his background teaching windsurfing, surfing and stand-up paddling for teaching skiing and snowboarding.  All of these activities are similar in that they require commitment and “moving into the future”; holding back doesn't get the job done.

What about equipment?

Is your equipment working for you or against you?

Tom Gabrielse has more than 40 years experience outfitting skiers and snowboarders.  Very few instructors have this expertise.  Tom will be able to advise you on alignment and equipment balancing during your lessons, and will advise where corrections can best be made.